Props to JezusFuckinChrist 
1.Intro (Beat By Kolak)
2.Army of Ghosts (Beat By McClean Beats) [feat. Godilla, Matt Maddox & DJ Tmb]
3.Skit (feat. Quinn C Martin)
4.F**k You (Beat By Sicknature) [feat. DJ Tmb]
5.Full Clip (Beat By Got Beats)
6.Screwface Capital (Beat By Coldman Beats) [feat. Angerville]
7.Death Train (Beat By tha Soloist)
8.Art of War (Beat By Anno Domini) [feat. Prestege]
9.Get Slapped (Beat By J Nyce) [feat. Reef the Lost Cauze]
10.Skit (feat. Quinn C Martin)
11.Hit and Run (Beat By Vokab) [feat. Shallow Pockets]
12.Murder Man (Beat By Fundament) [feat. Danny Diablo & Klee Magor]
13.Angels of Death (Beat By Fundament) [feat. Anubis, Methadist & Dr Ill]
14.Brass Knuckle Tactix (Beat By Grim Reaperz) [feat. Anubis & Lord Willin]

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