Props to Fubar


01. The Grand Entrance [Beat by King H]
02. Worse Than [Beat by Falling Down]
03. Concrete Jungle Jesus [Beat by King H]
04. 23rd Century Rap Style [Beat by Norman Krates]
05. Off ‘Em [Beat by King H]
06. The Sun Man [Beat by King H]
07. Digital Contra [Beat by King H]
08. 40th Night [Beat by King H]
09. Live Action [Beat by Royal Chaos]
10. Unique Masterz (ft. JMega) [Beat by Lucid Beatz]
11. Area 57 [Beat by King H]
12. 2058 [Beat by Barcode]
13. Jusas [Beat by Genesis]
14. Nuclear Visual [Beat by Lord Beatjitzu]
15. The Mentalist [Beat by Last Bronzeman]
16. Unclone ‘Em [Beat by Falling Down]
17. Weapon Z [Beat by King H]
18. Apocalypse Recon [Beat by King H]
19. Impeccable Prototype [Beat by King H]
20. Final Battle [Beat by Ill Majestic]
21. Jewel Raider [Beat by King H]

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