1. Immortal Culture (feat. Vendetta Kingz) (cutz by DJ Coachone)
2. Arrows of Fire (feat. Marcanum X)
3. Cold World (feat. Alaska Redd)
4. Danger Zone (feat. Son of Saturn, DeeDaLimbless & Ern Dawgy) (cutz by DJ Shmix)
5. Ganja In My System (feat. DirtyBird Emcee)
6. Too Slow Joe (feat. Yash Kapoor)
7. Inception (feat. Naja Gemini)
8. Am I What I Am (feat. Halon)
9. Beautiful Day (feat. SageInfinite)
10. Soul of Music (feat. Yedidyah)
11. The Realist (feat. Shah King)
12. Underground Revolution (feat. Topas, Dark Guerilla Chato & Magma) (cutz by DJ Coachone)
13. Venom (feat. Nohokai, Yedidyah & Misguided) (cutz by DJ Coachone)
14. Voice of The Voiceless (feat. A Mac)
15. Loyalty (feat. Banish & Aims)
16. Wrath of An Emcee (feat. DeeDaLimbless, Black Pope, SoulKeeper)

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