«This LP has been set to choose your price with no minimum. If you put in 0 youll get it for free, but all money will go towards helping me and 3rd Chambah get physicals of this project pressed. So drop us a couple of $’s if you can…. oh and if you like the work please pass the link around word of mouth is the best promo… peace, blessings & enjoy 1rrefutable«

01. Alan Watts – Intro
02. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Ft Mad Preacher
03. Devil’s Night – Prod. KO35H32
04. Black Rain
05. Contaminated RadioWavez – Interlude
06. Citadel Of Self Destruction
07. Housing Trust Raised
08. Church Of Obsidian
09. Session 9 – Prod. Push Beats
10. Psycho Politix – Interlude
11. Pop Culture Psych War
12. Ill Logic
13. Helter Skelter
14. False Idols Ft Lokwan – Prod. Push Beats
15. Their God Is Their Belly – Interlude
16. Demented Divine
17. Methodology Of Torture w/JKrazy – Prod. TSwan
18. Anthrax Spores – Prod. Gangrene Dutch
19. The Womb Of The Whore
20. Temple 2 Tha Godz Of Consumerism – 3rd Chambah RMX
21. Festival Of Hungry Ghosts Ft Ixion Form – 3rd Chambah RMX
22. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Ft Eugenicz – 3rd Chambah RMX+
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