1. Militant Moves (prod. Crucial The Guillotine) 03:23
2. Mic Check (produced by Zagnif Nori)  02:09
3. Kindred Spirits feat. Noble Scity & P. Genz (produced by Illy Vas) 05:40
4. Toast feat. Crucial The Guillotine (produced by Zagnif Nori) 03:53
5. Pop The Tape In feat. Zagnif Nori (produced by Illy Vas) 03:48
6. Bloody Water feat. Illy Vas & Kaotny (produced by Illy Vas) 04:50
7. Relentless (prod. Crucial The Guillotine) 02:42
8. Lockdown feat. Zagnif Nori (prod. Crucial The Guillotine) 02:36
9. Rite of Passage (prod. Crucial The Guillotine) 03:20
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