01. Heavens Assassin Intro 
02. Global Warming 
03. The Martian Chronicles feat. Holocaust
04. Chamber Of Immortals feat. Atma & Sick Since
05. Desert Storm feat. The Jotaka & Macabean The Rebel
06. The Spear Of Destiny feat. Sick Since, Aztech & DJ Reel Drama 
07. The Angel Scroll feat. Macabean The Rebel
08. The Warz Of Godz And Men feat. Rasul Allah & Atma
09. Sacrificio feat. SPNS
10. Apocalypse Of Darkness feat. Macabean The Rebel
11. The Prophecy (Children Of Men Mix) feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Macabean The Rebel
12. Reign Of Terror 
13. Golgotha feat. Rage 617 & Macabean The Rebel
14. Graveyard Of Empires feat. Planetary & DJ Extemidiz
15. Self Truth feat. Semantix Tha Sorcera, Lokjaw & Marvelous Dark
16. Killuminati feat. Sick Since & El A Kwents

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