01. Sleeping Fist (Feat. DJ Danja)
02. Metal Mule Kick (Big L Tribute)
03. Gorilla Groundfighting (Feat. Kam Moye Aka Supastition)
04. Crouching Crane – Tai Chi (Freestyle)
05. Staff Style Stickfighting (Feat. Dinco-D) (Leaders Of The New School)
06. Panther Paw (Freestyle)
07. Elephant El Bows (Dj Premier Salute)
08. Silverback Snake (Feat. Punchlyne)
09. Hell’s Horsepower (Freestyle)
10. Golden Llama Legs (Feat. Ozy Reigns & Will Evans Jr.)
11. Iron Eagle (A-Z Rap)
12. Swimming Dragon (Feat. Adrift Da Belle)
13. Brass Knuckle Bearclaw (Feat. Akil) (Jurassic 5)
14. Red Fox Feet (Freestyle)(Feat. Dj Mr. Enok)
15. Egyptian Tai Chi (Feat. Boog Brown & Ekundayo)
16. Zulu’s Zebra (Freestyle)
17. White Lotus Leaf (Feat. Rita J)
18. Phoenix Feathers
19. Overlooking Owl (Feat. Binkis Recs & Dj Mr. Enok)
20. The Kumite (Feat. Dj Synthesis &;Atlanta Posse)
21. Hidden Track
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