1. Talk To Me
2. I Do Em
3. Don’t Get Gassed
4. Why Not (Feat. Slick Rick)
5. Live It Up (Interlude) (Feat. Redman, Khari Santiago)
6. Hostility (Feat. Redman, Keith Murray)
7. Matering With E (Skit)
8. So Sweet (Feat. Eazy E)
9. Focus (Feat. Dj Quik, Xzibit)
10. Feel Me Baby (Feat. Khari Santiago, Sy Scott)
11. Can’t Stop (Feat. Dave Hollister, Peter Moore)
12. Get Da Money (Feat. Ja Rule)
13. Ain’t Shit To Discuss (Feat. Teflon Da, Noah)
14. Sermon (Speech)
15. Vangundy (Feat. Big Him, Sy Scott, Nolan Epps, Bo&Ruck, Billy Billions, PMD)
16. Fat Gold Chain (Feat. Too Short)

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