Props to Fisher

1. Real World (prod. Khari Bey)
2. Dead in the Streets (prod. Phenom)
3. The Union (prod. D.O.A.D. Productions)
4. We Used to Be (prod. Tha Innovataz)
5. Don’t Play (prod. Urkill)
6. On Top of Mines (prod. SK)
7. Hustle (prod. Kwestion)
8. Ride or Die (prod. D.O.A.D. Productions)
9. New Wave (prod. Tha Innovataz)
10. Never Gonna Quit (prod. Chosen)
11. Whip it Up (prod. D.O.A.D. Productions)
12. Nobody’s Fool (prod. Tha Innovataz)
13. Up in our Hood (prod. Frequency)
14. Dope Nigga (prod. SK)
15. When Will I Blow (prod. DJ Pistoleto)
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