«Call it anti-recession rap: a couple of artists content with their discontent exploring the depths of their Johnny Walker Red-scented underemployment. It’s The Monty Brogan EP, and it’s the latest project from Providence-based indie rap stalwarts Reason and Dirty Hank. It also marks the first official collaboration between Reason (best known for his work with Poorly Drawn People and his solo albums, Landlords & Lullabies and Gemini Slang) and Dirty Hank (the man responsible for a run of stellar releases, including The Class Act Mixtape and The Guide To Giving Up EP)».
Thanks to JL.
1. Joe Cocker Sick 00:32
2. Say Disease 04:15
3. Not That Hip 03:50
4. Overslept (Remix) 03:26
5. Funeral Fame 03:18
6. To The Moon 03:27
7. Size Zero 03:01
8. Perfect Day To Die 03:21
9. Local Press 02:54

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