Y uno de los trabajos que llevabamos tiempo esperando, el nuevo «The Gatekeepers» de Babylon Warchild!!!   Enjoy.
01. The light ft. Lord Lhus, Black & Qualm
02. The gates of babylon ft. Profit, Pre & KDB
03. The system
04. The towers of babylon ft. Chief Kamachi & Wordsworth
05. The hellbound ft. Kaotny
06. The nighthawkz ft. King David
07. The international ft. Sadat X, Mr. Merak & C-Rayz Walz
08. The treat ft. Tragedy Khadafi, KDB & D Tha Suspect
09. The Karma
10. The first warning ft. PSL & J-Spine
11. The broadcast ft. Primacy, Black Elohem, Life Long & Syntax
12. The return ft. Daddy Rose
13. The sacred source ft. Twin Perils
14. The injustice ft. Kain Slim & J-Spine
15. The countdown ft. J-Spine
16. The requiem ft. KDB
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