Props to HHB


01. Broken Oath (feat. Spent Dnero & Shaz Illyork)
02. Possession of Mind (feat. Shaz Illyork & Meyhem Lauren)
03. Passport (Skit)y
04. Red Piliot (feat. Sol Invictus & Sol Invictus)
05. Trained Asassins (feat. the Opposition)
06. Stolen Legacy (feat. Carmen Indhira)
07. Megatron Mindstate (feat. Shaz Ill York) [Explicit]
08. HighLight Reel
09. Fearless Pt. 7 (feat. Shaz Ill York & Carmen Indhira)
10. Sinister Grin (feat. Shaz Ill York, J Love & Starker)
11. Wasted Years
12. Panic in the Hall (feat. Shaz Ill York, Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Homeboy Sandman)
13. Concealed Weaponry (feat. Aye Wun)
14. Man At Arms
15. One and Wake Up (feat. Shaz Illyork)
16. Plotting (Skit)
17. Love and Loyalty (feat. Carmen Indhira)
18. Serpents (feat. G.S. Advance)
19. Fly Creature (feat. Carmen Indira, Starvin B & Shaz Ill York)
20. Welcome to HellzGate
21. Skillumanti (feat. Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Mayhem Lauren)

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