1. Intro
2. Total Recall
3. That’s My Word (Feat. Jack Of All Trades)
4. Ghetto Classic (Feat. Masai Bey)
5. Another 48
6. Conscience Control (Feat. Mr. Pigz)
7. Genuine Draft (Feat. Young Malk)
8. Dick Ass (Feat. Lisp Linguistics)
9. Jealousy (Feat. Jack Of All Trades)
10. Shock Treatment
11. Circle of Psycho (Feat. Metal Heart, Dezmatic, & Dood Computer)
12. Under Fire
13. Understand My Lingo (Feat. Jack Of All Trades)
14. Vexing (Feat. Smog & Mangler a.k.a. The Durt Murhants)
15. White Walkers (Feat. Mr. Pigz)
16. Dead End (Feat. Shyste & Rick Whispers)

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