1. Let Go (Feat. Wildchild)
2. Hold On (Feat DVS & Skinnyman)
3. Flowin (Feat Mrx & Carnage)
4. Where Did The Sun Go (Feat Anik & Tommy)
5. Black Hole Prophecies (Feat Dj Vadim)
6. In It For A Minute (Feat Graziella)
7. Colder Days (Feat Tote King)
8. 2nd Hand Contraband (Feat Griffi & Aqeel)
9. Hit That Gash (Feat Disiz La Peste Grems Aka Supermicro)
10. Slow Broiled Ilk (Feat Oh No)
11. Bollocks (Feat Dubbledge & Vex-D)
12. Reach Out (Feat Dr. Syntax)
13. Astroscience (Feat. Dj Sparo)
14. What Goes On (Feat Dr. Syntax)
15. Soul Searching (Feat Ajla)
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