Supastition – 7 Years Of Bad Luck (2002)
1. Intro
2. Live Like DAT
3. Celebration of Life
4. Da Waiting Period
5. Body Language
6. Best of Life
7. ThatzMuzik
8. Crown Me!!!
9. Mixed Emotionz
10. The Trademark
11. Fallen Star
12. Hip Hop Vs Life
13. 2nd Name (ft The Nobodies)
14. Dreamland
15. Mixed Emotionz (Freshchest Prose Mix)
Supastition – The Deadline EP (2004)
01. Deadline Intro
02. Boombox
03. Fountain Of Youth
04. I Remember
05. Homecoming
06. Soul Searching
07. If I Knew
08. Nowhere To Run ft Sycorax & Madwreck
09. Step It Up
10. Adrenaline
Supastition – Chain Letters (2005)
01. Chain Letters (Intro) [produced by M-phazes]
02. Don’t Stop [produced by M-phazes]
03. Split Decisions [produced by M-phazes]
04. Soul Control (feat. little brother) [produced by Illmind]
05. Rise [produced by Nicolay]
06. That Ain’t Me [produced by Illmind]
07. Hate My Face [produced by Jake One]
08. Special Treatment [produced by Illmind]
09. Ain’t Going Out [produced by Illmind]
10. A Baby Story [produced by Nicolay]
11. 100% [produced by Illmind]
12. Yesterday Everyday [produced by Nicolay]
13. Nickled Needles [produced by M-phazes]
14. Appreciation [produced by Johnny Madwreck]
15. Blood Brothers [produced by Illmind]
16. Always [prpduced by M-phazes]
17. Soul Control (solo version) [produced by Illmind]

Supastition – Leave Of Absence EP (2008)
1. Leave Of Absence (producer: D.R.)
2. Bad Blood (producer: D.R.)
3. New Me (producer: Eric G)
4. Word Has It (producer: Khrysis)
5. Worst Enemy (producer: Marco Polo)
6. Wrong (producer: M-phazes)
7. Evil Money (producer: Johnny Madwreck)
8. Thankful feat. Kil Ripkin (producer: Illmind)
9. It’s All Over feat. Torae; Dan Johns; & Finale (producer: D.R.)
Kam Moye – Self-Centered EP (2008)
01. Where & Why – produced by D.R.
02. Welcome to My Life – produced by Croup
03. Change of Heart – produced by M-phazes
04. Reach One ft Kaze – produced by Eric G
05. Around the World ft DJ Wreckineyez – produced by Veterano
06. Black Enough? – produced by Eric G
07. Give It Up – produced by D.R.
08. Self-Centered – produced by D.R.
Kam Moye – Splitting Image (2009)
01. Re: Born (prod. by Vitamin D)
02. Reality Check (prod. by Khrysis)
03. Stars feat. John Robinson (prod. by D.R.)
04. Splitting Image feat. Neenah (prod. by S1 & Caleb McCampbell)
05. Imani (prod. by SIC Beats)
06. Hello Karma feat. Phonte & Ayah (prod. by Vitamin D)
07. No Substitute (prod. by Jake One)
08. Let’s Be Honest (prod. by Veterano)
09. Don’t Forget feat. Tiffany Paige (prod. by M-Phazes)
10. Do What It Takes feat. Buff1 (prod. by D.R.)
11. Nobody’s Fool feat. Tenille (prod. by D.R.)
12. Give Out, Give In (prod. by Veterano)
13. Life Line feat. One Be Lo (prod. by Jake One)
14. MK Ultra feat. Baba Zumbi aka Zion (prod. by Illmind)
15. Forever Fresh (prod. by Marco Polo)
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