Props to Fisher


01.Behind Death’s Door
02.7Plaguez (Scar The Messenger, Graveyard Shifter, Omen Ra, Vice Versa, Skull Bludgeon & Oz Arc Raider)
03.Legion Of Darkness (Skull Bludgeon, Labal-S & Raaddrr Van)
04.Rize Of The Darkspawn (Pryme Prolifik)
05.When Death Calls
06.Whispers In The Shadows (So Of Saturn & Konflikt The Guillotine) (Cutz By DJ Timb)
07.Lights In The Sky (Si-Klon & Frantik)
08.Soundz Of Insanity (Skull Bludgeon)
09.Final Destruction (Animal Cracker & Rypa)
10.Blood On My Handz
11.What Lurks Beneath (Bimes Ill & Se7en Sandmn)(Cutz By DJ Coach One)
12.Legacy Of Death (Skull Damage & ICabod Chang)
13.Hate Is My Drug (Cutz By DJ Coach One)
14.Horrorcore Worlwide (Fake Flint & The Jotaka)
15.Muerder Ya Conscience
16.Master Of Horror (Cutz By DJ Extreme)

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