Vamos con unas cuantas peticiones enviadas a nuestro correo, la primera de ellas este disco instrumental de la mano de Cult Classic Records.
«Our latest release comes from Senpai, a creative young artist who plays the piano/keyboard, clarinet, and sax. The all instrumental free 6 track EP features: Kondor, Thomas Prime, Kitty Wong and Avens. And covers genres including: Hip Hop fuzed with Piano, Soul, and Jazz. A chilled ambient ep essential for fans of: Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, Michita, Blazo…etc«
1. Suzuka 03:08
2. Hanami feat. Kitty Wong 03:16
3. Stones Over Styx (Thomas Prime Remix) 03:36
4. Mystical Journey feat. Kondor 03:57
5. What’s Left Behind [Instrumental] 03:21
6. Do You feat. Avens & Jas Mace [Instrumental] 02:55
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