1. This Is (prod. Al’ Tarba)
2. Red Zone (feat. Morse Code) (prod. Al’ Tarba)
3. Power Moves (prod. C-Lance)
4. Interlude: Trophies Of Man (prod. Metropolis Votary)
5. Ape Shit (feat. Sars) (prod. Al’ Tarba)
6. First Blood (feat. Weapon X & Morse Code) (prod. Al’ Tarba)
7. Nature Of The Beast (feat. Adrianna Pagno) (prod. Oskar Mike)
8. Stop Drop And Roll (feat. Ruste Juxx & Sars) (prod. Ill-Fated)
9. Xfire (prod. Oskar Mike)
10. October 14th 2066 (prod. Oskar Mike)
11. Evil Sons (feat. Sars, Morse Code & Weapon X) (prod. C-Lance) (Cuts by TMB)
12. Missing In Action (feat. Morse Code & Weapon X) (prod. Al’ Tarba)
13. Party Animals (feat. Block McCloud & Sars) (prod. C-Lance)
14. Land Of The Dead (prod. Jay da Fathom)
15. Yesterday (prod. Engineer)
16. Put Em Up (feat. Weapon X) (prod. Al’ Tarba)
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