«Beat producers MIDIFLASH from Munich, Germany teamed up with artists from both sides of the Atlantic, featuring American underground MCs such as M-Dot, The Society Of Invisibles, Side Effect, Banish, Nutso, Tribeca, EQ, Little Vic, GQ Nothin Pretty as well as European rappers like J-Spliff, Mr. Malchau, Cerebros, Black Tiger, Morlockk Dilemma… When international rhymes connect, ‘Pleased To Beat You’, transports the feeling of the golden-era, without sounding dated. Denmarks DJ LP2 puts the thirteen exclusive joints in a tight mix offering an hour of classic, sample based Boombap from a 2012 perspective.»


1. Pleased To Beat You (feat. Little Vic, Mr. Malchau, Revilo & GQ Nothin Pretty)
2. Transatlantic Artivism (M-Dot, Black Tiger, Roger Rekless & Kapa)
3. Straight Fire (feat. The Society Of Invisibles, Morlockk Dilemma & Cerebros)
4. I Got This (feat. J-Spliff)
5. Next To You (feat. EQ, Beond, Yello Blac, Darnell McClain & Antihelden)
6. Hip Hop (feat. Dookz Cannon)
7. Maneater (feat. Tribeca)
8. Warlordz (feat. Banish, Aims & R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D.)
9. The Weapon Is Set (feat. Destruct & Mortis One)
10. Raw Uncut (feat. Mordekaii & Kwote 1)
11. Without A Reason (feat. Side Effect & Revilo)
12. You Ain`t Ready (feat. M-Dot, Mr. Malchau, Nutso & Antihelden)
13. City Of Saints (feat. Mesidge & Antihelden)

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