Thanks to BBRS.
1. 3rd Lecture (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
2. 90´s Flow (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
3. Chuck D (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
4. Return Of The 7
5. Get Righteous Or Die Tryin
6. Patriot Gamez (feat. Killah Priest, Vendetta Kingz, Columbo Black & Contra Psalmz)
7. Rise and Rhyme
8. RapWhore (Part 1)
9. Barefoot Assasins (feat. Vendetta Kingz, cuts by DJ White Shadow)
10. Bulletproof Auras
11. Soul Soldier
12. Hood Symphony
13. City Blocks
14. Saviour Of Ages (feat. G8ABAK & Vendetta Kingz)
15. The Gypsy
16. Swift Angels (feat. Merc Versus)
17. Last Night In Babylon
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