Otra petición enviada a nuestro correo por parte del canadiense The Rhyme Animal.
«In this video, TRA is celebrating a daily ritual of his, His favorite pass time, and that’s Smoking Weed! TRA gets his hands on a bag of the best marijuana out there and names it YYZ High Kush, Nick-Named after the Toronto Peason International Airport to represent how «High» he gets off the plant. Being that it’s so amazing… As they say «A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed» so TRA is inspired to share his new found fortune with his Homies! This video is a funny smoked out trip which is a regular for Tha Rhyme Animal, But whether you smoke marijuana or not, Your sure to get a couple of laughs out of this video!
This song is produced by TymE W/ The Quarter Inch Kings and video is directed by Lyme Lyte Video».
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