1. Game Called (feat. J The Mentalist) (prod. by Jnyce)
2. Who Are You (feat. J The Mentalist) (prod. by Life & Death Productions)
3. Grim Truth (feat. Shallow Pockets) (prod. by Jnyce)
4. Its A Riot (prod. by Graphwize)
5. My Life (prod. by Jnyce)
6. Didn’t Know (feat. Shallow Pockets) (prod. by Jnyce)
7. Hip Hop Science (feat. Jnyce) (prod. by Jnyce)
8. Dont Give a Fuck (feat. Ram-Z) (prod. by Jnyce)
9. No Shame (feat. J The Mentalist) (prod. by Jnyce)
10. Mad For Nothing (feat. J The Mentalist) (prod. by Jnyce)
11. Impartial to Reality (feat. J The Mentalist) (prod. by Art Aknid)
12. Pissed at the World (prod. by Art Aknid)
13. Everything (prod. by Art Aknid)
14. Im Not Me (prod. by Art Aknid)
15. Melting Pot (prod. by Jnyce)
16. The Bottom (feat. Shallow Pockets) (prod. by Jnyce)
17. Victory (prod. by Jnyce)
18. Edge of the World (prod. by Jnyce)

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