Os dejamos uno de los aportes de nuestro amigo 99, se trata de un album recopilatorio del californiano Banish.


1. Pick A Side (feat. James Heated, & Aims)
2. Shot Me In The Heart (produced by Aims)
3. Better Than Ever (feat. Planetary, & Demoz)(produced by Vherbal) 
4. Tell Them Again (produced by Vherbal)
5. We Nah Play (feat. Crooked I, & Beenie Man)(Remix)(produced by Snowgoons)
6. We Nah Play (feat. Crooked I, & Beenie Man)
7. The Madness Begins (feat. Outerspace)(produced by Snowgoons)
8. Listen (feat. Randam Luck)(produced by Vherbal)
9. The Take Back (feat. Randola, & Aims)(produced by Ganjak)
10. Every Time (feat. Aims)(produced by SoulSlicers)
11. Bull Stampede (feat. Aims, & Orko Eloheim)(produced by Aims)
12. Scan Your Soul (feat. Aims)(produced by Aims)
13. How Many Shots Does It Take (feat. James Heated, & Aims)(produced by Aims)
14. Punch You In The Face Rap (feat. James Heated, Aims, & Johnny Teflon)
15. Writing My Name (feat. Aims)(produced by Aims)
16. Suicide Mic (feat. Aims, & Scatterbrain)
17. Nothing (feat. Aims, & James Heated)
18. All The Lies (feat. Aims)
19. Connected (feat. Randam Luck)
20. Dead End (feat. James Heated, & Kahlee)
21. Not That Guy (feat. Aims, & James Heated)
22. Watch Your Step (feat. Randam Luck, & Aims)
23. Sacrifice (feat. Sammy Gallows)(produced by Jnyce of Psych Ward)
24. Only God Knows (feat. Aims)
25. Pieces Of War (feat. Orko Eloheim, & Aims)
26. Page Masters (feat. Orko Eloheim, and Aims)
27. Blood (feat. Randam Luck, & Aims)
28. Ready For War (feat. Aims, & James Heated)
29. Stargate Punishment (feat. Aims, Odessa Kane, & Orko Eloheim)
30. Y.D.K.W. (feat. Planet Asia, & Kahlee)(produced by Keepers Of The Light)

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