01. Intro – Chaos Theory (Prod Lighttownshadow Cutz Dj Coach One)
02. Strugglin Ft. Menace OBEZ, Fubar, Zonah & Tarantino (Prod Righteouz Knight)
03. Sad Dayz Ft. Cerebral Hyper & Irrefutable (Prod Vice Versa)
04. Take Me To Your Leader Ft. Menace Obez, Verb & Ascian (Prod Righteous Knight Cutz Dj Coach One)
05. Siniestra Que Ni Para (Prod Onse Cutz Dj Coach One)
06. Good Old Dayz Ft. Fubar (Prod Jr. Makhno Cutz Dj Coach One)
07. Our Guilty Pens (Prod WormX)
08. Back From Hell Ft. Dark Guerrilla Chato (Prod. SixFire)
09. Eclats (Prod Phobos)
10. The Agez Of Time Ft. Skull Damage, Life Scientist & Cheyenne (Prod Righteouz Knight)
11. Minefields Ft. Gnz (Prod Onse)
12. The Beyond Ft. Rob-Rod (Prod Sannyasin)
13. Cuervos Feos (Prod Onse)
14. Voyage Au Bout De l’Enfer Ft. Morning Star, Bimes Ill & Sai (Prod Righteouz Knight)
15. Point Qui Fait Tâche Ft. 6th Killer (Prod Phobos)
16. Broken Heart (Prod Onse)
17. Pouring Rain (Prod Onse)
18. Don’t Take My Dreamz Ft. Prof Graveface, Sai & Rob-Rod (Prod. Righteous Knight)
19. My Loss (Prod Onse)
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