01. Bash It on the Dash [Prod. by MUD!]
02. My Hatchet is Gorgeous [Prod. by MUD!]
03. God Bless You (ft. Flux) [Prod. by Flux]
04. Return of the Chosen [Prod. by PhiLogic]
05. The Pumpkin Song [Prod. by FUBAR]
06. 666th Chamber [Prod. by JQ]
07. The Wooden Stake [Prod. by PhiLogic]
08. Bare Bones Pt. 1 (ft. Hutch Devill) [Prod. by MUD!]
09. Cemetery Gates (ft. Hutch Devill) [Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death]
10. Bare Bones Pt. 2 (ft. Hutch Devill) [Prod. by MUD!]
11. Dream Catcher (ft. Flux) [Prod. by Tristam]
12. My Notebook (ft. Flux) [Prod. by Tristam]
13. The Call of Duty (ft. Flux) [Prod. by Tristam]
14. Diary of a Madman (ft. Flux) [Prod. by Shadowville Productions]
15. Flawed by Design (ft. Flux & Baby Jayne) [Prod. by Shadowville Productions]
16. Your Execution [Prod. by DaSun Akbar]
17. Dirt Poor (ft. Baby Jayne) [Prod. by Al Tarba]
18. The Pumpkin Song (Reprise) (ft. Baby Jayne) [Prod. by FUBAR]
19. Open Wounds (ft. Baby Jayne) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
20. Pluto’s Domain (ft. Baby Jayne) [Prod. by Engineer]
21. The Tape Worm [Prod. by Big Lucifer]
22. Take Me to Your Leader [Prod. by Big Lucifer]
23. Cannibal’s Habits (ft. Flux) [Prod. by Big Lucifer]
24. Holy Mountain (ft. Baby Jayne) [Prod. by Big Lucifer]
25. Incredibly Focused [Prod. by __________]
26. Dedication (ft. Baby Jayne) [Prod. by __________]
27. Break My Fall [Prod. by __________]
28. Mostly Unlaced (ft. Parradox) [Prod. by Big Lucifer]
29. Run For Your Lives !! [Prod. by Big Lucifer]
30. Raw Minds Think Alike (ft. Parradox) [Prod. by Big Lucifer]

Diary of a Madman (ft. Flux) Prod. by Shadowville Productions

Flawed by Design (ft. Flux & Baby Jayne) Prod. by Shadowville Productions
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