01. Intro
02. You Can’t Fuck With Us Feat. Anaxagorus & JFK
03. Unorthodox Skill Feat. Silas Blak
04. Workshop Feat. Jace
05. Traumathon Feat. NyQwil
06. Saloony Feat. IAME & Smoke
07. English Feat. Candidt
08. Hustle Backwards Feat. Jace
09. Sounds Of The Street (Remix) Feat. Boom Bap Project
10. Runnin’ Traffik Feat. Silent Lambs Project
11. As I Talk Feat. Tilson
12. Silent Night Feat. Onry Ozzborn
13. Castro Outro

Una respuesta a Mr. Hill (Oldominiom) – Snaps (2006)

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