01 Intro
02 It’s Irate (Prod. by Frantik)
03 Payne (Prod. by Frantik)
04 The Lost Chambers (Prod. by Oz Arc Raider)
05 Armageddon (Prod. by Decipher)
06 Sands of Time (Prod. by Zeus & Gamblez)
07 Dead Silence ft. Oz Arc Raider (Prod. by Frantik)
08 War Insight (Prod. by Frantik)
09 Homicidez (Prod. by Frantik & Decipher)
10 Original Sin ft. Census (Prod. by Shadowville)
11 The Brood (Prod. by Frantik)
12 Hell’s Laughter (Interlude)
13 Unreleased ’08 (Prod. by Grimface)
14 Livin’ Free (Prod. by Decipher)
15 Escape The Trap (Prod. by Musa)
16 The Scrypt Keepers 2 (Prod. by Sicknature)
17 Hidden in the Shadows (Prod. by Grimface)
18 Outro (Prod. by Frantik)

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