Otra buena colaboración entre el productor holandes Melph y el mc del reino unido Falcon Burns.
01. The Word Effect
02. That’s Entertainment
03. Dreamers feat. Logik Locksmith & Ark-E-Tek
04. Skit
05. Neva Forget
06. They Tryna Kill Us feat. Melph & Logik Locksmith
07. A Flower Named Amnesia
08. F Dash B
09. Hiphop feat. Ignite Mindz
10. Far From Beaten
11. Melphstrumental
12. Let it Flow feat. Creyesis
13. Slow Down
14. Still Waitin
15. Diamonds In The Rough feat. Logik Locksmith & Ana Bz
16. Outro
That’s Entertainment
Neva Forget
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