Os dejo la Beat Tape de este productor Californiano, muy interesante. Aqui la nota del artista:
«I started forming this album in the winter of 2010, it has undergone several renovations before arriving at its final state. I wanted to make an album that transforms the mood of the listener as it goes on from start to finish, much like the title of the album this project was a sort of re-birth for me as an artist. Granted as with anything in life there are imperfections & things I might say I would have done differently down the line, but for now this is a good representation of what I am currently able of and where I intend to go musically. I hope that you can sense what I was feeling when I produced the tracks as you listen to the album & enjoy what you hear. – Medl4 Oct. 25Th 2011»


Humble Beginnings 01:36
Sanctum 02:15
Best Seller 01:40
Tanabata 02:49
4:00 am 01:40
Zodiac 02:48
Computer Guts 1&2 03:29
We Live In Public 02:43
All Connected 01:09
Slangin Seashells 02:01
For Love 02:09
The Chase 01:42
Beautiful Struggle 01:44
Graffiti Mission 01:52
Life’s Waiting room 02:26
Catharsis 02:32

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