«L’Orange is an eccentric and unique producer from North Carolina.  Both a poet and a musician, L’Orange prides himself on originality and creativity.  Drawing influence from the 1920s-50s, he embraces the feel of film noir to create his music.  As a hip hop producer, L’Orange has worked with respected MCs yU (Diamond District), Hassaan Mackey (Daily Bread), Kaimbr (Alexander Green project), Legacy (Justus League), Seez Mics (Educated Consumers), MindsOne (Self-Reliance) among others. Old Soul is an unconventional and endearing memento of the great Billie Holiday.  It focuses on a chronological musical biography of her life from the first track to the last.
Billie Holiday is my muse. Her creative vision and stylistic integrity have influenced both my music and my writing. When I decided to work on this project, I wanted to approach it with respect for her music. I wanted these remixes to be both inspired by and dedicated to the life and craft of one of the most innovative and soulful singers of all time. Each track is designed to represent a significant part of Billie Holiday’s life.»

1. Lost Souls (feat. Hassaan Mackey, yU & Kelsey Lu) 03:23
2. The Good Shepherd 03:08
3. Her Sins 03:22
4. Halliday 01:25
5. The Audition 03:06
6. Cafe Society 01:29
7. Know Love 03:01
8. The Heroine 01:20
9. The Night 03:03
10. The Mourning 03:16

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