01. Intro
02. What It Is
03. Say Goodbye
04. Guaranteed (feat. Rock of Heltah Skeltah)
05. Biters Block
06. DBA (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man)
07. Gonna Move
08. Life I Love
09. All Fair (feat. Kool G. Rap)
10. By Any Means
11. Break ‘Em Off
12. Next Dose (feat. Ras Kass)
13. Interlude
14. Real Recognize Real
15. Like That (feat. A.G.)
16. Truth & Consequences
17. Biters Block (Remix) (Bonus)
18. Say Goodbye (Remix) (feat. Party Arty, Sean Price, Rustee Juxx, Solomon Childs)

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