1. Kingz You Can See (Intro)
2. Distorted Orchestra (Gospel Of Kingz)
3. Dead Sea Diariez (Feat. Columbo Black & Napalm Kwam)
4. Saviourz Of Agez (Feat. Chief Kamachi & G8ABAK)
5. Gourmet Doctrine
6. StormCrow Oprativez
7. Multi-Dimensional Prophecy
8. God Minute (Feat. G8ABAK & Napalm Kwam)
9. Red & Black (Feat. June Marx)
10. Fall Of Ceaser (When In Rome) (Feat. G8ABAK)
11. Army Of Kingz
12. The Immortalz (Feat. G8ABAK)
13. Nucular Babylon
14. Patriot Gamez (Feat. Killah Priest, Chief Kamachi & Columbo Black)
15. Freedomental (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & June Marx)
16. Kingz Court (Feat. Napalm Kwam)
17. High Science (Feat. G8ABAK)
18. Mythos
19. Along The Jordan (Feat. June Marx)
20. Native Tonguez (Interlude)
21. Kingz Theory (Temper Your Blade Well) (Feat. Columbo Black, Napalm Kwam & G8ABAK)
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