1. Heavy Hitters (Cuts By Versatile)
2. One Finger In The Air (Cuts By Seedy)
3. Rude ‘n’ Wierd (Profanity)
4. Lay Low
5. Get Kicked To The Corner
6. Murderous Bars (Lego)
7. Beautiful Bloodshed
8. Jump Around (Cuts By Seedy)
9. Gun Chat (Profanity)
10. Mentally Scarred
11. Who Cares (Lego)
12. Rap From Up North (Ft Spee 69)
13. Murderous Bars (Profanity)
14. Way Sicker (Cuts By Seedy)
15. Skit (Amos)
16. Murder (Ft Rhymeotaur)
17. How Bizarre (Lego)
18. Taking The Piss
Rude ‘N’ Weird Profanity

Heavy Hitters (Cuts By Versatile)

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