«This mixtape is a collection of some of my favourite tracks from some of my favourite producers from the 90′s. It took me quite a while to hand pick what I wanted to use. So much hip-hop to choose from, so I broke it down to this. So come hop in the Delorean with me & strap yourself in…it’s gonna be a loud ride. Feel the nostalgia as I take you back a while with these classics most of you will remember. Dedicated to the real hip hop shit I grew up with & continue to strive for (not that bubble gum garbage on the radio!)
Special thanks to my homies who helped me out on this (Louie P, The Sicilian, Prodical Son, Poet & Cuban Pete for the artwork). Much love!»
Thanks to Frank Castle.

01. Into The Timewarp (Intro)
02. Gotta Run
03. Eyes Full Of Tears ft.The Sicilian
04. Rappers Talk Shit
05. Flow Of The Streets
06. No Time
07. Walking Like Thor
08. Storm Warning
09. Ruthless
10. Toronto
11. Approach With Confidence ft.Poet
12. Heart Stops Bleeding
13. The Countdown ft.The Prodical Son
14. The Show
15. Back To Reality (Outro)
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