«Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) is a coalition of emcees, producers & DJs all working together to push one another’s abilities to the max. Created by Big Hop (VA/NC), AMSOC consists of Don DiGiorgio (Greensboro, NC), Diablo Archer (Rocky Mount, NC), H2OKZ (Greenville, NC), N’DangR Species (Charlotte/Greensboro, NC) & Mallz (Raleigh, NC). With each individual representing a different area, each with a unique style, the goal is to collectively network through collaborations and promotions in order to create a larger following while refining each individual’s talent. The group also has in-house producers, X3M, Stretchknocks & DJ P’Dough but also builds with other producers that are willing to work. Heading up the DJ duties is DJ 9Ten»

Props to 99.

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