1.Way Of Life 03:23
2.Rise Up Feat Zumbi Of Zion I & GoodBrother Musa 03:36
3.Bear Witness 03:11
4.Break Fast Feat The Narcicyst 03:15
5.Always On My Mind 03:04
6.Food For Thought Remix Feat Jeru The Damaja & Al-J of Blak Madeen 03:48
7.Dead Dreams Feat Stu Cat 04:11
8.Higher Plane 03:18
9.Draw The Curtains Feat Stalley 04:34
10.The Poets Feat Abu Nurah & Ayoub Hilal 03:31
11.The Invisible Hand 04:09
12.Jihad Music Feat Amadeus The Stampede & Al-J of Blak Madeen 03:33
13.Ready For Them Feat Virtuoso & Elemental Zazen 04:26
14.Blasphemy 03:56
15.True Test Feat On The D 03:39
16.Miles To Go 04:22
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