Otro pepino del país australiano, el disco debút en solitario del mc Trem One (Lyrical Commission).
01. Intro feat. DJ Revolution
02. For The Term Of His Natural Life
03. Animal Kingdom feat. Dontez (of Kings Konekted)
04. Omega Man
05. One man… (Skit)
06. Ever Since
07. Hard Yards
08. Russian Roulette feat. Brad Strut & Kings Konekted
09. Strips
10. Intermish (Skit)
11. For The Record
12. Vet Clinic feat. Lazy Grey
13. Reminisce feat. Brad Strut
14. A King Is… (Skit)
15. Kings Court
16. Same Shit
17. Naaaaahhh… (Skit)
18. Omega Man Mk II feat. Q-Unique

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