01 Only The Strong Survive (Bon Mix) feat.C.L. Smooth
02 Kiro (Vib Mix) feat.Rino Latina II & Twigy
03 Vision Of Art (Broken Mix) feat.Company Flow
04 Zen Approach (Cradle Mix) feat.Black Thought
05 Final Home (Piano Mix) feat.Esthero
06 Kill Switch (Beep Mix) feat.Aesop Rock
07 Nosferatu (Space-Cadet Mix) feat.Mr. Lif
08 Song For John Walker (Sticky Mix) feat.Anticon
09 Meiso (Silent-Gun Mix) feat.Black Thought & Malik B.
10 Danger Of Love (Gray-Sky Mix) feat.Zap Mama
11 Shinjiro (Harsh Mix) feat.Mos Def
12 Mosa feat.Kan
13 Mosa (Remix) feat.Kan
01 Intro feat.Koto
02 Stormy Cloud (Raindrop Mix) feat.Ken Shima
03 Elapse
04 Trihedron (Stray Mix) feat.The Opus
05 Still Island (Still ‘N’ Slow Mix) feat.Shuuzan Morita
06 Endless Railway (Sentiment Mix) feat.?uestlove
07 Day’s End (After-Dusk Mix) feat.Kazufumi Kodama
08 Outro (Revised)
09 Duality (2006K Mix) feat.DJ Shadow
10 Kemuri (Untouchable Mix)
11 Drum
12 Duck Chase (Double-Up Mix) feat.Ala Zap Zap, Phonosycographdisk & Zebra Neck
13 Bypath – Would You Take It (Static Mix)
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