01. Blaxploitation (prod. by Frank Dukes)
02. St. Maffew (prod. by Vinyl Frontiers)
03. Rhyme Pays (prod. by Beewirks)
04. Black Sheep (prod. by Harry Fraud)
05. City Of God feat. Rockie Evans & The Mad Stuntman (prod. by Sha Banga)
06. Mama, I Got Wings (Interlude)
07. Lord Please (prod. by G Productions)
08. Ashes On My Block feat. Triple OG (prod. by A.B.)
09. Yowzers! (prod. by Vinyl Frontiers)
10. Million Dollar View (prod. by Sha Banga)
11. Magick Without Tears (prod. by Big Throwback)
12. Slumlord (prod. by Sebb Bash)
13. Jordan Vs. Bird feat. Action Bronson (prod. by Digga)
14. Bridget Fonda (prod. by DJ Skizz)
15. Blue Rubies (prod. by C. Jonah)
16. Isis (prod. by DJ Clark Kent)
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