01. Listen Up
02. My Blood is Wine (feat. Diabolic and Guilty Smiles)
03. Pigz Pen
04. Holiday Hell Horror Dance
05. Pet Semetary (feat. Sean Strange and Guilty Smiles)
06. Dispensation (Dub)
07. Anarchy Rulz (64 bar’s)
08. Bitter Taste
09. Risen Revenge
10. The Royal Platoon (feat. Copywrite and Guilty Smiles)
11. Sick and tired
12. Monster’s Ball
13. Vicious Savagery
14. Life Of Frank
15. Destined For Greatness (feat. Denku)
16. Out Of Sight (feat. Denku and Mad Static)
17. Lamentations (feat. Guilty Smiles and SA’Blade)
18. No Choice
19. Dark Art’s (feat. Denku,Past One and Mad static)
20. Pain Driven (feat. Denku)
21. Swarm Dialect (feat. Flex Digits and Guilty Smiles)
22. The Bitter End
23. Pet Semetary (Remix) (feat. Sean Strange and Guilty Smiles)
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