Un poco mas de Jazz a cargo de los franceses «Fukehunters» que ya conocereis por participar en el «Ears to the street» de Warpath. 


01.3:30AM (feat. Kronis The Ill)
02.Look For Me (feat. Melodiq)
03.Mass Transit (feat. Leaf Erikson & Asylum7)
04.Need To Learn (feat. LAKAI)
05.Dadz’ Interlude
06.Show Me Some Love (feat. Melodiq)
07.Kronis Rocks The Beat Again (feat. Kronis The Ill)
08.Sax Man Blues (feat. J Sands Of Lone Catalysts & Ethemadassassin)
09.California Winter (feat. Rey Resurreccion & Justbrea)
11.Kane (feat. Co$$)
12.K’N’K’ Interlude
13.Remember It All (feat. LAKAI)
14.Don’t Let The Smooth Taste Fool You (feat. Ethemadassassin & Meta4 The Great)
15.Faith (feat. Pricetag)
16.Nolive’ Interlude
17.Life’s Struggles (feat. PDR)
18.Summer Night (feat. Nesrine Ghalmi)

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