1. The Intro (Produced By: Ayatollah)  
2. Like A Gangsta featuring Matrix Bars (Produced By: Ayatollah)  
3. Where You At? featuring Nature (Produced By: Godfather Don)  
4. Live And Let Die (Produced By: Ayatollah)  
5. Torture featuring M.O.P. (Produced By: Stone)  
6. Check The Resume (Interlude) (Produced By: G.I. Joe)  
7. When The Sun Goes Down (Produced By: Ayatollah)  
8. Turn It Up (Produced By: F Bee)  
9. I Spit featuring Black Attack (of Missin’ Liinx) (Produced By: Godfather Don)  
10. Loyalty featuring Cormega (Produced By: Godfather Don)  
11. Real Niggaz (Produced By: Ayatollah)  
12. Gorillas featuring Noreaga & Kool G Rap (Produced By: Godfather Don)  
13. My Niggas (Produced By: Godfather Don)  
14. Too High, Too Low featuring Tragedy Khadafi (Produced By: Mike Heron)  
15. Street Life (Produced By: Godfather Don)  
16. The Booth (Interlude)  
17. The Bio (Produced By: Goodie Goodman)  
18. Gotta Believe featuring Complextion (Produced By: S.P.K.)  
19. Screwed Up (Produced By: Beatnuts)
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