01. Smells Like S&M (Mash-Up)
02. Madchild Freestyle (Madchild Solo)
03. Block Star (Rough)
04. Dickhead (Madchild Solo)
05. Meltdown (Rough)
06. Swollen4nication (Mash-Up)
07. Wake Up (Madchild Solo)
08. Brutal Elaborate (Madchild Solo)
09. Freedom (Madchild Solo)
10. Rockapella (Prevail Solo)
11. Poof (Prevail Solo)
12. Mean Streets ft. Souls of Mischief
13. The Threes (Prevail Solo)
14. Gasoline (Prevail Solo)
15. Crack Your Mouth
16. Rifle Association (Prevail Solo)
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