Sexta mixtape del grupo de los Angeles recomendado hace tiempo por el bueno del chef Juster. Rap a la antigua usanza y de sonido puro.

1. Lost In The Yard
2. Words From Chauncey (Interlude)
3. Dawn (Produced by Kayy)
4. Gridiron Hash (Produced by First Child)
5. Consignment
6. Raw Times (Produced by Nominz)
7. Go Away (Produced by Charlie Brown)
8. Thun Language (Interlude)
9. Watchya Know?
10. Head Is Heat
11. M.I.Aneek (Produced by Frank Dukes)
12. I Get Busy
13. ’06 Vine
14. A Stranger’s Lighter (Produced by Nominz)
15. Welcome Home
16. Words From Chauncey PT. II (Interlude)
17. End Of The Era
18. For The Fortune (Produced by Mazz)
19. Keys (Produced by Infamous K.A.T.s)
20. One Love Freestyle
21. Death
22. Solo Gofo (Produced by Spenzilla)

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