01. I’m Not You
02. Redcoats Are Coming
03. Boondocks feat. Thanos (Brotherhood)
04. Capital A
05. Faith And A .45 feat. Godilla & King Magnetic
06. In The Rain feat. Shameka
07. Try Harder
08. What The Fuck feat. Medinah Starr
09. 59Fifty (New Era)
10. Different Breed feat. Daze & J.D. Nero
11. Rise Up
12. Blockbusters feat. Mouthpiece
13. Insomnia feat. Jukstapose & Verse Essential
14. Tell The World
15. Where We At feat. Fess Gotchu
16. Yakuza feat. Vast Aire & Double AB
17. This Can’t Be Life
18. La Familia feat. Karniege & Medinah Starr
19. King Of Kings
20. Bag Full Of Shwag feat. Verse Essential
21. Make It Reign feat. Fresh Daily
22. You Don’t Know Us
23. Angel Dust feat. Fess Gotchu, Mello, Mighty Ravage, Karniege, Gage One & Verse Essential
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