01 The Last Calling (Produced By Kayoss Son)
02 Powerful Troops (Produced By Kayoss Son)
03 Going Against My Goals (Produced By Kayoss Son)
04 Back From The Dead (Produced By Shang Tsung)
05 A Path So Clear (Produced By Kayoss Son)
06 Lyrical Emotionz Feat. Poetic Death (Produced By Kayoss Son)
07 The Last Word (Produced By Super Ego)
08 Hip-Hop Stop Feat. Praverb (Produced By Kayoss Son)
09 Lyrical Statement Feat. Flizzy And Rep1 (Produced By Anabolic)
10 Judge Myself (Produced By Cold Legistics)
11 Keep My Ear To The Street Feat. Blitzer
12 Knowledge To The Ear (Produced By Super Ego)
13 I Feel (Produced By Anabolic)
14 Verbal Weapons Feat. Anabolic And Nomad (Produced By Kayoss Son)
15 Are You Afraid Of The Dark Feat. Strick9 (Produced By Anabolic)
16 Warriors Of Rap Feat. Phayze Wun (Produced By Shang Tsung)
17 Down The Right Path (Produced By Shang Tsung)
18 Midevil Madness Feat. Tayimo Denku (Produced By Anabolic)
19 Going Away (Produced By Savior)

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