Impresionante mixtape de remixes del mc y productor londinense del grupo 3 amigos.
01.Intro Side A
02.Contact Play – Small Talk (LeafDog Remix)
03.Gang Starr – Ex Girl to Next Girl (LeafDog Remix)
04.Ol Dirty – brooklyn zoo (LeafDog Remix)
05.Slum Village – Get Dis Money (LeafDog Remix)
06.Thirstin Howl III – I Still Live With My Moms (LeafDog Remix)
07.Chester P – CMS (LeafDog Remix)
08.Ol Dirty ft rhymesfest – Dirty (LeafDog Remix) (original GC2 mix)
09.Intro Side B
10.Big L – Flamboyant (LeafDog Remix)
11.I Sed Skit!!!
12.Contact Play – This Year (LeafDog Remix)
13.DITC – Thick (LeafDog Remix)
14.Xzibit – Hurt Locker (LeafDog Remix)
15.2pac – F~@k all Yall (LeafDog Remix)
16.Gang Starr Feat Jadakiss – Rite Where U Stand (LeafDog Remix)
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