01. My Sound (Prod. By Bill Cash)
02. Beautiful War (Prod. By Drumz)
03. Advisory (Prod. By Andy Mac)
04. Power With Perception (Prod. By Dj Lord Ron)
05. STFU (Prod. By Megalawge)
06. The Basics (Feat. Aarophat) (Prod. By Andy Mac)
07. Blood On Snow (Feat. Mr. Bakaa, Wildelux & Eneeone) (Prod. By Megalawge)
08. Walk (Prod. By Andy Mac)
09. Extortion (Feat. Constant Flow) (Prod. By Bill Cash)
10. American Dream (Feat. Wildelux) (Prod. By Sentence)
11. Darkness (Feat. Wildelux) (Prod. By Djimon)
12. Hard To Make (Prod. By Dj Lord Ron)
13. Remembered (Prod. By Andy Mac)
14. Eye Of A Needle (Prod. By Dj Elite)
15. Venomous (Prod. By Jay Large)
16. I Got You (Feat. Mecca & Wildelux) (Prod. By Domingo)
17. 4×4 (Feat. Miles O’Keefe) (Prod. By Scarecrow)
18. Undisputed (Feat. Eneeone) (Prod. By Megalawge)
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