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01. 8 Iz Enuff (Demo Version)
02. Harlem N.Y.C. (Beats 2 Blow Remix) Ft. Bootsie And Herb McGruff
03. You Know What Im About Ft. Lord Finesse
04. 98 Halftime Radio
05. Yours Ft. O.C.
06. Work Part 2 Ft. Gang Starr
07. Tru Master
08. Cluemanati Ft. Herb McGruff
09. 5 Fingers Of Death Ft. D.I.T.C.
10. Let Me Find Out
11. We All Can’t Ball Ft. Liz Lucci And Richie Thumbs
12. S.K.I.T.S. (Remix) Ft. Lord Finesse
13. Live In Amsterdam (Unedited) Ft. A.G. And Roc Raida

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