Intensisima mixtape en doble CD que repasa la trayectoria de este genial Mc de sobras conocido por los seguidores de este blog.

01.Intro (Holocaustic Period)
02.Resident Evil (Article One)
03.Street Wars feat. Black Knights
04.Crunch Time feat. Black Knights
05.Howling Wolves
06.Holo Radio pt. 1
07.All in Your World
08.Sweeping Bullet Shells
09.Kill or be Killed
10.Thinner Orphan
12.Big West Coast
13.What Can the Matter Be (remix)
14.Sutra (Interlude)
15.Burned Down Church
16.Warrior Troop
17.Midnight in the Garden of Good
18.Dusty Demos/Holo Radio pt. 2
19.Blood Line
20.Spit Boy Freestyle
21.Yeah (Article Two)
22.where are you walking

01.He Who Came Under the Spell..
02.Miserable Renounce
03.River Church (The Robot Tank)
05.Robot Tanks
06.I Throw Fire feat. Jules Unique
07.Classic Monsters
08.Fright Night
09.Swift Illusion 4 feat. Killah Priest and Timbo King
11.Rusted Hearts
13.Architecture of Disaster
14.Double Creature Feature feat. Crisis
15.Iron Wing feat. Udi the Erratic Assassin
16.Moonlight Weaponry
17.Picture in the Sky
18.Bust Ya Guns
19.Bark at Dogs (The Sign of Hells Winter)
20.Blind Challenge (Interlude)
21.Abstract Thoughts
22.Old Pandemonium
23.Prophets of the Apocalypse
25.Super Villain
26.Hole in the Sky
27.The End
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